The Sussexes are known for their temper tantrums. In many ways, it is their blood supply, and without it, they complain. In the last two weeks, the Invictus Games, a creation of Harry, the second of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, has provided a platform for the ex-royal to mooch off wounded veterans. I want to make clear that this is not just my opinion. I speak on behalf of many others who are furious that he has chosen money over what matters most; the people who went to war to make our lives safer and sacrificed themselves to do it.

Harry should be ashamed. He started the Invictus Games for wounded veterans because he identified with their struggles and pulled the idea from the Warrior Games, which originated in the U.S. He wanted to give all troops a chance to succeed, regardless of their disability. That is what Invictus started as. 

However, it has become apparent in the last couple of years that he needs the vets more than they need him. The Netflix deal he and Meghan procured was meant to shower them in cash. However, in the two years since they’ve had it, nothing has been produced with their projects being pushed back or halted in production due to lack of staff or creative differences. There are many different theories out there, but given what Markle News on Instagram posted a screenshot from a recruitment agency in late January regarding staff positions for Meghan’s animated show, Pearl. The project was announced in July 2021, and they’re still in pre-production.

Harry’s Netflix project, Heart of Invictus, was announced in April 2021, months before Pearl was. Now, I understand why it was pushed back. COVID affected everyone, especially film and television projects. People wouldn’t have an issue with the project if a large portion of the proceeds were given to The Invictus Games Foundation. However, given that Archewell is registered in Delaware, a known tax haven in the U.S., only 5%  are given to charity.

Archewell also made only US$50k in its first year of operation, according to an article by the Sun. Then, we come to the kicker, Meghan’s wardrobe.

Meghan’s love of expensive clothing is what made people’s jaws drop. She wore clothing that cost more than an average veteran earns in a year. According to Zip Recruiter, wounded veterans in both the U.S. and Australia earn an estimated $44,212 per year on average, depending on location. It’s been estimated that Meghan’s wardrobe for the three days she was in the Netherlands cost an estimated total of $65k, as per the Royal News Network. Why wouldn’t Meghan have just worn Invictus merch like she did when she supported the games early in her marriage to Harry?