The Republican Party of Minnesota Compares Face Masks To Nazi Persecution Of Jews


The Republican Party of Minnesota’s Wabasha County is under fire after an image was posted to its Facebook page suggesting that putting on a face mask is akin to a Jew putting on a Star of David patch in Nazi Germany, KARE11 reports.

“Just put on the star and quit complaining, it’s not really that hard,” reads the caption on the image, which shows an SS officer speaking to a man with the Jewish star sown to his jacket. “Just put on the mask and stop complaining.”

The image was first brought to light by Jewish Community Action, prompting Minnesota GOP chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan to post a statement to Twitter claiming the Facebook page was hacked.

“This post was brought to @mngop’s attention today,” she wrote. “Immediately we reached out to the Wabasha board. They believe this was a hack and are removing their FB page immediately. Our party does not support/condone divisive and harmful posts or the language of this nature.”

As KARE11 points out, the Republican Party of Wabasha County’s Facebook page now appears to have been deleted.


Raw Story: Minnesota GOP group under fire for comparing face masks to Nazi persecution of Jews

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