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China Releases Canadian Teacher Sarah McIver

A Canadian citizen who was detained in China amid frosty relations between the two countries has been released and returned to Canada, media reports say. Teacher Sarah McIver, from Alberta, was held earlier this month for “unlawfully working in China”. Global Affairs Canada confirmed that a Canadian citizen had been released, but did not name […]

Thousands Of Canadians Have Signed Petitions To Ban Conversion Therapy

  Thousands of Canadians have rallied behind two petitions calling for a nationwide ban on conversion therapy. It’s part of a wider global trend condemning the practice. Peter Gajdics came out as gay to his family when he was 23. His staunchly Catholic parents rejected his homosexuality, and he left home. But Gajdics found himself […]

Michelle Obama Extends Canadian Book Tour. Sales Top 3 Million

Canadian Stops to include Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto. Sales for Michelle Obama‘s memoir have topped 3 million and the former first lady is extending her book tour into 2019. Obama’s Book Becoming which was published a month ago is among the fastest selling nonfiction books in history and is one of the best selling political […]

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models the Angela Demontigny Young Native™ look styled like Tonto from Lone Ranger 2013

Lone Ranger native designer Angela Demontigny stands alone crossing over her Young Native™ Fashion line with some controversy

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models Native Designer Angela DeMontigny’s new Young Native style look Young Native Fashion™ takes Native Fashion mainstream Just as Johnny Depp has experienced criticism for the role of Tonto in the new Lone Ranger film so has Native Designer Angela DeMontigny been put under the hammer for certain aspects of her […]

world exclusive first look at the new Ayi Jihu FearChaser™ outfit designed by Angela DeMontigny of Young Native Fashion™

Young Native™ Fashion arrives with a bang revealing the first look of Ayi Jihu’s new FearChaser™

The launch of the Young Native™ Fashion line today signals the arrival of Native Fashion into the mainstream fashion market in a credible way.  For years many have dabbled with the concept of Native American (Canadian) influences and vibes in their fashion lines but until now no one has really been able to crack that […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu Global Ambassador for The Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville (BAFOL

Chinese star Ayi Jihu becomes global Ambassador for Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville, BAFOL

Chinese star Ayi Jihu yet again leads the way in her mission to bring people together and help people all over the world, part of her ‘Pay it forward’ approach to Charity and philanthropy by becoming the Global Ambassador for The Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville (BAFOL) The mission of the Booker Autism Foundation of […]

Top Native Designer and Stylist Angela DeMontigny launches Young Native Fashion Line with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

‘Young Native’ (@YoungNativStyle) a new fashion line from Designer Angela DeMontigny. Maverick Native Designer and stylist Angela DeMontigny today launched her new Fashion line ‘Young Native‘ to the world in some style. We have been expecting a new young and fresh line from Angela (@womanofdesign) for some time now, but what we did not expect […]