Russia Claims Ukraine SBU Shot Down Own Negotiator Over Suspected ‘Treason’


In a massive claim, Russia on Saturday alleged that Ukraine had killed one of its own negotiators due to suspected ‘treason’. According to Moscow, Ukraine’s Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) shot down its negotiator Denis Kireev during an arrest attempt. The state intelligence suspected him of leaking information pertaining to the negotiation process to the Russian side.

“SBU kills a member of Ukrainian negotiations team suspected of treason. According to Ukrainska Pravda sources, the man was killed during an arrest attempt. Strong evidence” that he was leaking information to Russia,” The Kyiv Independent reported.

Notably, Denis Kireev was present during the first round of Russia-Ukraine talks in Belarus where he was last photographed. An official statement from the Ukraine side is awaited. The development, if proven to be true, could have significant repercussions and send a strong message amid the negotiation process.

3rd round of talks soon, Russia announces partial ceasefire

On Friday, Ukraine President’s advisor Mykhailo Podoliak informed that the third round of talks between the two nations could be held in the next 2 days between March 5-6. Sharing insights of the last two talks, he said, “Negotiations were efficient, they listened to us… we listened to them. But we will definitely need the humanitarian corridors. We need them to help our people and liberate them.”

Russia on Saturday has declared a partial ceasefire in Ukraine allowing humanitarian corridors out of the Ukrainian cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha.The Mariupol- Nikolskoe – Rozovka – Pologi – Orekhov – Zaporozhye route has been chosen as a humanitarian corridor. As per the ministry, the people of these crisis-hit cities will be allowed to leave and seek aid. The route is about 64 km which will take over an hour to cover on a vehicle. The area has been demilitarised and thus won’t suffer shelling anymore, Russia stated. However, Ukraine media has claimed that evacuation in Mariupol has been canceled due to the Russian side not adhering to the agreed ceasefire. Counter-claims have been made by Russia.