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Russia Tells US Not To Interfere In Saudi Crown Prince MBS Becoming King

Russia is going to bat for Mohammad bin Salman after the young Saudi Crown Prince came under fire for the murder of a Saudi journalist in Turkey. Russia’s deputy foreign minister and Middle East envoy Mikhail Bogdanov warned on Tuesday that the U.S. should not try to influence the line of succession in Saudi Arabia, and […]

Russia Tests New Hypersonic Missile System Under Direct Orders From Putin (Video)

Russia tested a new hypersonic glide missile system today under direct orders from President Vladimir Putin, according to reports from Russian state media. The new system, called the Avangard, utilizes an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and a hypersonic glide vehicle and is supposed to travel at roughly five times the speed of sound. The newly […]

Giant Dinosaur Discovered In Russia

A new kind of giant dinosaur has been described in Russia. Dubbed Volgatitan, the herbivore belonged to a family of long-necked dinosaurs called sauropods. It weighed 17 tons and walked the earth 200 million to 65 million years ago. The enormous dinosaur was identified from seven of its vertebrae, which had been stuck in a […]

Russian Biathlon Champion In Doping Scandal Retires

Anton Shipulin, a world biathlon champion at the heart of Russia’s doping scandal, announced his retirement on Tuesday. Shipulin, 31, told a news conference in Moscow that he decided to retire after he was barred from the Winter Olympics earlier this year. He is one of the scores of Russian athletes banned from competing for […]

Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Pleads Guilty

  Accused Russian spy Maria Butina has struck a plea deal with prosecutors and admitted that she acted under the direction of a Russian official in the United States. Butina will plead guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to violate foreign agent laws, and she will cooperate with prosecutors as part of the agreement, according to […]

Putin Defends Jailing Of 77-Year-Old Activist

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday defended the jailing of an elderly rights activist over calls to protest, stressing he wants to prevent events like France’s “yellow vest” revolt. The Russian leader was responding to an appeal to free 77-year-old Sergei Ponomaryov, a prominent rights activist who is serving 16 days in police cells for […]

Ukrainian rising star Joanna Shegera set to make waves in the West

Ukraine rising star Joanna Shegera looks set to make waves in the West as she hooks up with Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

It’s not everyday that a voice from a new Artist that you haven’t heard before comes your way that gets your full attention. Unique, diverse, and hauntingly beautiful with an Eastern European flavour in her tones, she certainly made me stop and listen. The first thing that came to mind for me was ‘different.’