New Soulful Rainbow Song and Video Promote Social Cohesion While Paying Tribute To Frontline Health Workers

A brand new soulful version of classic sing a rainbow song coming out on June 1st 2020 successfully crosses the divide between popular and children's music while celebrating diversity and praising frontline health workers..


Stevie Eagle E, half of the artist and production duo EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) has joined forces with Amanda Frolich, the CEO of Amanda’s Action Club, children’s activity expert, celebrity entertainer, bestselling international author and business entrepreneur to bring us a whole new take on the classic Sing a Rainbow.  They have taken a standard children’s nursery rhyme and turned it into a soulful reggae-infused pop song with strong visual images in the video that promote ethnic and racial cohesion as well as championing front line health workers.

The single for ‘Sing a Rainbow (2020)’ will be released on the 1st June 2020 and the video on the 30th May 2020 on Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/ Shlepp Records worldwide.

Eagle E and Amanda Frolich

Amanda Frolich is a celebrity entertainer having worked for Brad Pitt, the Beckhams, and many household names around the world. She is also the creator and owner of Amanda’s Action Club. She teaches and entertains children and their parents the world over, focusing on physical activity, health and wellness. Amanda is also a bestselling author with her new book ‘The Law of Brand Attraction’ recently topping the business bestseller list in six countries across the globe.

Stephen F Ellis Aka Stevie Eagle E is a chart-topping producer and artist an award-winning film maker and Grammy nominated video producer who has worked with the biggest names in entertainment for over 30 years, working with the likes of the Jacksons to Peter Andre, Honeyz, Boy George, Dennis Brown and, Hawk Wolinski of Chaka Khan, Trevor Horn, Ms Dynamite, Mark Morrison and hundreds of others.

Sing A Rainbow 2020

Sing a rainbow is already a well known song globally, but it has never quite been done like this.  Listening to this song is an entirely different experience from what you have ever heard before.  It’s soulful with a reggae twist.  It is a credible pop-soul record.  This is for everyone and anyone that loves music, not just for kids.

The video is also interesting.  It plays on colours as you would expect but in a way that is promoting social cohesion.  At the same time, it features frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, and carers.  This is an obvious reference to frontline health staff in the UK and around the globe who have been associated with the rainbow since the beginning of the global pandemic.

Amanda Frolich says:

‘The rainbow has taken on a powerful meaning in the UK at the moment and we wanted to use our rainbow song to reflect this and  pay tribute to all frontline workers as well as highlight how we need diversity to move forward as people.’

Stevie Eagle E says:

‘If you separate the colours from a Rainbow you no longer have a rainbow.  If we start to separate people in our communities we no longer have that rich colourful diversity which is actually our strength.  Recent events, especially in the USA with George Floyd, show we need to put the rainbow back together quickly.  We need to find a way to harmonize because we are at our best when we work together in harmony, just like the rainbow.’

At a tumultuous time in our history, this song has a simple feel-good factor aligned with a strong message for all the generations.

There are two versions of the video available, with and without text.

With text (Karaoke)