Madonna Fans Pray for Remixes and Video to Save Her Flopping New Single




Sixty-year-old Madonna was expecting her big comeback since her last release in 2018. Fans and the music world were looking forward to the “Material Girl’s” comeback.

The music world was buzzing about her new single which was a duet with 25-year-old Columbian superstar Maluma.

Madonna and Maluma were part of the co-writing team of the single.

The world thought that Madonna, with Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma by her side, would undoubtedly take back her spot as the “Queen of Pop.”

On April 17, 2019, Madonna released her single “Medellín,” the same day Beyoncé released her album “HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM.”

One has to wonder, why Madonna would release her comeback single the same day another diva is releasing her album. Generally, two major artists do not release major projects on the same day so they could have the spotlight on their single.

Madonna’s song opened well. However, it quickly dropped on all charts. The BBC decided not to pick the single up for rotation on any of their stations, and it did not chart on Spotify.

The iTunes charts did not fare any better:

American Charts: April 18 – #8 dropping on April 22 to #82
UK Charts: April 18 – #9 dropping on April 22 to #37
German Charts: April 18 – #6 dropping on April 22 to #29
Australia Charts: April 18 – #15 dropping on April 22 to #93
Canada Charts: April 18 – #12 dropping on April 22 to #63
France Charts: April 18 – #2 dropping on April 22 to #42
The things were not much better with Apple Music, charting “Medellín” at number 677.

Meanwhile, Beyonce’s album as of April 22 remained in all countries in the Top 10 on all iTunes charts.

True Madonna fanatics yell and scream on Fan Forums about how wonderful the single is, defending their favorite pop star despite mainstream failure.

On the Madonna-infinity forum, fans disagreed about the single. Some loved the single:

RebelMe said: “It is an amazing song. Very well produced. I am obsessed with Madame X. Queen, the world is yours, we do not deserve you.”

Xavier said: “Love the song but do not think there is much hope for it. I hope Madonna does not wear the eye patch. It is horrid.”

Enrico said: “The Madonna track is phenomenal. There is no other song out there adding electronic dub. Yes, they could have used less vocoder/autotune on Madonna’s vocals. That is Mirwais’ style, and it is better to have too much autotune than nothing at all.”

Bertrand said: “I like the production the more I listen. Madonna’s vocals are not catchy at all, and they are too processed. I do not think the Cher auto-tune was a good idea.

Robder said: “Clearly, the fans on this forum the fans do not like it. The wider society will love it!”

Also on the same forum, some fans hoped the video and remixes would save the song:

G House said: “There is too much Maluma on the single, and his lyrics were awful and made me want to puke. Madonna sounds good. I do not think it is a hit. Let wait and see when the video comes out.”

Trance2dane said: “There is always hope the remixes will save it. Muluma is heard more than Madonna.”

Judas2015 said: “I did not like it. Maybe the video will help it.”

MadonnaLove said: “Let us wait for the remixes. I hope Madonna puts out a song she sings solo. This song does not want you to get up and dance.”

PWCCA said: “I have listened to the song a few times, and it does not catch my interest. The excessive amount of autotune ruins her voice. The song is not coherent. Maybe listening to the song with a video may help it.”

stfan97 said: “I will wait for the video, and it does not interest me in playing it again.”

Adamsapple said: “I am sad it is flopping so horribly. Hopefully, the video will help the song and its chart performance.”

Marcello77: “Let us wait for Madonna to put out the official video and the Maluma effect to kick in.”

Will the remixes and video help the song? Only time will tell, but it is never a good sign when a song is depending on remixes or video to save it.

Written by Barbara Sobel


iTunes Charts: Madonna & Maluma – ‘Medellín’

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