Lindsey Graham Says Senate GOP Will Not Seat Biden’s AP Pick If Trump Faces Criminal Investigation


Speaking on Fox News, Lindsey Graham admitted that, under the Biden Administration, Senate Republicans can be counted on to renew the level of obstruction they carried out under President Barack Obama. In fact, he specifically said that if Joe Biden nominates an Attorney General who will investigate Donald Trump for criminal acts in office, Republicans will refuse to seat that person.

Sean Hannity questioned Lindsay Graham about the possibility of Donald Trump facing a Federal investigation for crimes he’s accused of committing in office and during his campaign, suggesting that perhaps the lame-duck president should pardon himself and his family preemptively before leaving office. Graham responded, falsely claiming that Robert Mueller’s investigation “found nothing,” and promising that if both Republicans win the two special elections coming up in January in Georgia, “the Attorney General nominee…will come before the judiciary committee…there’s no way in hell anyone’s gonna get confirmed that would agree [that Trump should face further investigation.]

Graham quickly turned the question into a commercial for the two Georgia Republican Senate candidates, but along the way, he made it very clear that Senate Republicans’ first priority in confirming an Attorney General would not be whether the person is qualified for the job, but whether they could protect Donald Trump. Graham’s insistence on involving himself in Georgia’s elections has already raised questions.

Regardless of what protections Trump may have at the Federal level, including pardons and Senate obstruction, he could face charges and criminal proceedings at the state level for financial crimes alleged against him, and civil suits against him can proceed.