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Billboard Hit Recording Artists Vincent Covello and Fawn Release Collection of Film and Television Tracks


LOS ANGELES – Sept. 26, 2019 — On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Stonedef Records, Inc., and Sobel Promotions announced that hit recording artists and accomplished singer-songwriters Vincent Covello and Fawn (aka “Songirl’) have released their first album collection of Film and Television tracks entitled “Airwaves Vol. 2” on Stonedef Records, Inc.

Fawn hit the top of the Billboard Dance charts at number six alongside Lady Gaga and Maria Carey, with her song “Wish U Love,” produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer.

Since the massive success of “Wish U Love,” Fawn has been nominated for numerous music awards, including two albums and seven song nominations this year for the JPF Music Awards, which will hold it’s award ceremony in Hollywood, California on November 22, 2019.

Fawn has won several songwriting awards from VH-1 Song of The Year, Berklee College Of Music and The Great American Song Competition, as well an EOTM Award for Artist of The Year.

Fawn also had two top ten hit songs she wrote and performed, “Where Has Your Love Gone” and “Solitude,” produced by Digital Sixable.

Vincent Covello, a seasoned singer-songwriter and performer is best known for his hit song “Loving You More” written and performed by Vincent Covello and produced by “BT” aka Brian Transeau.

“Loving You More” made it to number two on the Billboard UK Dance charts and number eighteen on the US Billboard Dance charts. Vincent Covello and Fawn won two JPF Music Awards for Best Dance Album, “Body, Soul and Mind” and Best Dance Single.

Vincent and Fawn have written and recorded numerous songs for different film, TV and commercial projects.

The songs in this album collection were written, recorded, mixed and mastered within one to four hours, under media deadlines. Vincent and Fawn decided to release the songs, so that they could reach a larger audience.

Fawn explained, “We had a lot of fun creating these tracks on the fly, so we thought, why not release them in a collection so more people could enjoy them.”

When asked where their songs have been heard in film and TV, Vincent said, “Our songs have aired in a variety of TV shows, films and commercials for CBS, NBC, Lifetime, ABC, Lifetime Movie Channel, Spike Lee Films and many others.” He continued, “We enjoy the creative process and work well together.”

Fawn continued, “This particular collection of songs were recorded between 2004 and 2009 and have aired in shows as current as 2019. “

Fawn explained, “They feature solo vocals as well as duets and blended harmonies we wrote and recorded together. The styles range from EDM to Disco to Halloween and we are currently putting together another collection of older tracks blended with new film and TV songs for a release sometime next year.”

Vincent Covello and Fawn are both Berklee College of Music Alumni and are currently managed by the “Queen Mother of Music Promotions,” award-winning promoter and manager Barbara Sobel of Sobel Promotions.https://www.sobelpromotions.com/

You can hear Airwaves Vol. 2 by Vincent Covello and Fawn here:



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