White Supremacist Group Patriot Front Heckled Out Of Chicago March for Life


A white supremacist group encountered a less-than-receptive crowd during an anti-abortion march in Chicago on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Clad in khaki pants, blue jackets, and white balaclavas, members of Patriot Front walked through the freezing streets of the Windy City bearing upside-down American flags and a banner reading “Strong families make strong nations.” They tried to join the March for Life, but anti-abortion rights demonstrators had other ideas, heckling the racists with taunts of “Who do you guys think you are?” and “What are you guys carrying shields for?” Cars honked at them as well. The white supremacists eventually ceded to their detractors and broke off from the march.

They ended the day with a reportedly extended wait for their transportation in the snow. The group is no stranger to logistical difficulties. Patriot Front was last spotted in disarray in Washington, D.C., stranded for hours waiting for pickup in rented U-Hauls.