Watch: Racism In Ukraine? Are Africans Not Being Permitted To Leave?


As millions of people attempt to leave Ukraine and seek refuge in neighboring countries, a disturbing trend has surfaced … namely, Africans, allegedly, being discriminated against.

Several videos and accounts have emerged over the past 24 hours or so from Africans and other POC, who claim they are not being allowed to board certain trains and other modes of transportation to flee Ukraine — and they think it’s because of the color of their skin.

This mostly appears to be happening at the Ukrainian-Polish border in the northwest region, where many allege that border agents and local police are literally letting white Ukrainians hop on in … while refusing access — or at the very least, limiting access — to Black people.

Multiple clips appear to show scores of African migrants and/or expatriates being left behind at train stations — and not just that, but actually being pushed back as they try to enter.

One clip shows a group of Africans who appear to have weapons drawn on them, and they shout that they’re unarmed students … tensions escalating quickly. It’s unclear who exactly may be deciding who’s able to book it out of there first and how — but the feeling among those on standby (in some cases for days, it seems) is that they’re second-rate citizens.

Russia continues to invade Ukraine, and the military there is trying its best to defend itself — while Western allies keep putting the financial squeeze on Putin and his people.

We’ve heard countless heartwarming stories of bordering countries and their residents receiving Ukrainian refugees with open arms — it’s a shame that isn’t happening everywhere.