Trump Suggests January 6 Was A ‘False Flag’ Attack Staged By The FBI


Donald Trump this week suggested that the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol could have been a false flag attack staged by the FBI and other groups.

In a podcast released on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, Trump spoke to host Candace Owens about his suspicions of federal involvement in the attack. The former president pointed to the fact that the person who allegedly planted a pipe bomb at the DNC headquarters on Jan. 5 had not been caught.

“We’re seeing the Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan starts to show that the FBI had some involvement on Jan. 6,” Owens told Trump.

“I’ve been watching it very closely,” Trump remarked. “And a lot of people are being treated very unfairly. This should never happen in our country or any country, what happened to them.”

“But this pipe bomber or bombers, who knows if it was a pipe or what it was,” he continued. “They never found him? I’ve seen pictures of him and very clear pictures.”

Trump said that he could “guarantee” that the person who planted the bomb wasn’t at the Capitol for the “right reasons.”

“It was a protest,” he said of Jan. 6. “You know, the insurrection was Nov. 3, the election day. This was a protest about a rigged election and the people that were there, there was great love in the air. I’m not talking about the Capitol. I’m talking about the speech.”

“But why aren’t they finding this pipe bomber and how come other people haven’t been revealed because I think there were more than just — let’s call them MAGA people?” he asked.

“There were FBI informants,” Owens insisted. “And they say, go to the Capitol, go to the Capitol. And those individuals were not arrested.”

“Right, it seems like that,” Trump agreed. “And you have BLM and you had Antifa people. I have very little doubt about that and they were antagonizing and they were agitating.”

Listen to the clip here.