Top Official In Right-Wing Turning Point USA Was One Of Arizona’s Fake ‘Electors’


The chief operating officer of Turning Point USA — one of Trump World’s most powerful misinformation groups — was among 11 people in Arizona who falsely claimed to be electors for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Arizona Republican Committeeman Tyler Bowyer was not among 14 people subpoenaed Friday by the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot. But his signature on the apparently forged election certificate suggests that signatories in Arizona and six other swing states were hardly obscure.

Bowyer is credited with having “helped organize and host the first Trump rally in 2015,” according to the Turning Point USA website. It also states that Bowyer’s COO role means “overseeing the nation’s largest and most impactful field program, organizing some of the nation’s largest activist events, and reaching hundreds of million digital initiatives.”

What’s more, Bowyer’s vita now boasts a companion COO role in the group’s 501c-4 organization that operates “Students for Trump.” And Bowyer’s stature is reportedly a key to the Turning Point USA’s robust operation in Arizona.

Here’s how that was reported at the Guardian last October:

“Chuck Coughlin, a veteran Republican operative in Arizona, said in an interview that Kirk’s groups have taken on roles that historically the party played. TPUSA’s influence in the state is underscored by its chief operating officer, Tyler Bowyer, who was elected in 2020 to be the Republican state committeeman, he noted.

“In Arizona, Kirk’s groups have recently been busy flexing their muscles to help Trump-backed candidates for governor and secretary of state, both of whom have been promoters of Trump’s oft disproven claims that he lost the state due to fraud, according to Arizona GOP sources and reports.”

Just six days after the January 6 insurrection, Bowyer was still promoting the Big Lie with gusto, as demonstrated by the minutes of the Sun Lakes Republican Party in Chandler. Crediting Bowyer as “one of our 11 elected electors for Trump,” the January 12, 2021, minutes stated this:

“Tyler started his talk declaring “The Fraud is Real!” He said he wants to give us advice as to how to survive as Republicans and thrive as Conservatives. He sees the National Republican Committee as being fractured 3 ways: the Conservatives (1/3), the RINOS and others he isn’t even sure are American loving citizens (1/3) and the “Pragmatists”, those who don’t care anything about the party they just want to get reelected and enjoy the perks (1/3).