Steve Bannon Attacks Kevin McCarthy For Not Celebrating Jan. 6


Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon took a swing at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over not “counterprogramming” the Jan. 6 anniversary commemorating events led by House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bannon further told Axios that he would host a “special edition” of his War Room: Pandemic podcast on the anniversary of the Capitol riot. “If [Kevin] McCarthy won’t program, [Marjorie Taylor] Greene and [Matt] Gaetz will,” the former Trump adviser said. On his podcast Monday, January 3, 2022, Bannon appeared to again take aim at McCarthy, citing him as “controlled opposition.”

“When we get the right leadership in the House. Leadership that is prepared to get focused. Leadership that is prepared to make sure our country is not stolen,” he said while pushing his theory of Republicans controlling all of government for “100 years” if the GOP elects stronger MAGA-loving politicians to lead the party. “Leadership that is not just sitting there as controlled opposition.”