Sobel Promotions Presents The Coronavirus Series Featuring Amber Dirks


Coronavirus has changed the music business due to lockdowns and social distancing. Global News Ink will be interviewing artists from the award-winning dance music promotions company Sobel Promotions ( to learn how the music business is being altered by the global pandemic.

Billboard Charting artist, and Dance Music Royalty, Amber Dirks, gives her thoughts.

What was the last thing you did musically prior to Coronavirus lockdown?

Thank you for the opportunity, interest and allowing me to share. These are unbelievable times and we, more than ever, should support each other as much as we can.

I’ve been working on a few ongoing projects and right when the lockdown came into full effect, I was recording.

What do you see has happened to the music business since social distancing and lockdown?

I’m seeing a lot more musical activity actually. Artists are sharing themselves a lot more online in a raw environment and I feel that’s very special.

What are you doing musically now?

I’m always writing. Always thinking of new and exciting ways of being creative. I’m even learning how to create my own musical composition.????????????????????

We were told things will never go back to the way they were prior to Coronavirus until we discover a vaccine. If social distancing remains, what do you think the future of the music business would look like?

As long as there is passion and creativity the music will never expire. I actually think the taboos of “ageism” will be nonexistent which will allow for more musicians to continue on with their dreams as I aspire to do. It should always be about talent.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and artists on how to remain relevant and keep their names out there during lockdown?

Always remain humble, passionate and real. Never stop creating and open yourself to doing the unimaginable. Here’s my own quote that I continue to live by ” In Music, there are no Boundaries as in Love it’s Unconditional” Keep It Real!!????????

Please Stay Safe and Healthy ????
Amber Dirks ????❤

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