Sinead O’Connor’s Son Committed Suicide After Escaping The Hospital While On ‘Suicide Watch’


Sinead O’Connor has revealed that her 17-year-old son took his own life by hanging himself after he went missing from the hospital last week.

The Irish singer posted on social media describing the circumstances of her son’s death as she continued to blast the authorities over his care and said that he had hanged himself a week earlier.

The heartbroken mother, 55, confirmed yesterday on Twitter that her ‘beautiful’ son Shane, who she described as ‘the light of her life’, had ‘decided to end his earthly struggle’.

Last night the singer criticized the Irish authorities, including the child and family agency Tusla, for their ‘refusal to accept responsibility and claimed ‘too many kids were dying on their watch’.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer said she had been to identify the body of her son who was last seen in Tallaght, South Dublin, on Friday morning. He had gone missing from the hospital a day earlier.

In multiple posts on social media, O’Connor wrote: ‘I have now formally identified the remains of my son, Shane. May God forgive the Irish State for I never will.

‘Now Tusla want to discuss with me ”a media release” no doubt wishing to have me join in their efforts to make this death of my child seem like it wasn’t at the hands of the Irish State.

‘Tusla and HSE to release a dishonest statement in response to international questioning. A load of lies, refusals to accept responsibility. Couched as always in the omnipotent and false concern they claim to have for the privacy of the children who die on their watch.

‘I’m going to take private time now to grieve my son. When I am ready I will be telling exactly how the Irish State in the ignorant, evil, self-serving, lying forms of Tusla and the HSE enabled and facilitated his death. Magdalene Ireland never went away. Ask the youth.

‘And any statement out of Tusla suggesting they a) did their best b) care or c) have deepest sympathies for anyone here but their lawyers, is a load of crap trap that has killed too many kids and it isn’t going to wash this time. Too many kids are dying on Tusla’s watch.’

An HSE spokesperson stated: ‘The HSE cannot comment on individual cases when to do so might reveal information in relation to identifiable individuals, breaching the ethical requirement on us to observe our duty of confidentiality.’

Sinead’s comments come after police released the final photograph of Shane before his death.

In the picture, which was part of a renewed police appeal to find Shane, he was seen wearing a black hoodie with a colorful print design, dark tracksuit bottoms, a plum-colored T-shirt, and white trainers.

Sinead, who changed her name to Shuhada’ Davitt in 2018, paid tribute to her ‘beautiful’ son on Saturday.

In a tweet, she wrote: ‘My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the very light of my life, decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God.

‘May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example. My baby. I love you so much. Please be at peace:’

Shane was one of Sinead’s four children, along with Jake Reynolds, Roisin Waters, and Yeshua Francis Neil Bonadio.

Sinead later tweeted a Bob Marley song which she dedicated to Shane, heartbreakingly describing her son as her ‘blue-eye baby’ and the ‘light of my life’.

She penned: ‘This is for my Shaney. The light of my life. The lamp of my soul. My blue-eyed baby. You will always be my light. We will always be together. No boundary can separate us.’

Shane went missing earlier this week and was last seen in Tallaght, South Dublin, on Friday, with Gardai launching an appeal to find the teenager.

Taking to social media after Shane went missing, Sinead threatened Tallaght Hospital with a lawsuit if ‘anything happens to my son’, alleging that her son went missing from the hospital while on suicide watch.

Gardai renewed their appeal for assistance in tracing the whereabouts of Shane on Friday, writing: ‘Shane was last seen this [Friday] morning in the Tallaght, Dublin 24 area. Shane is described as being 5′ 6’ in height with short brown hair and blue eyes.

‘When last seen, he was wearing a black hoodie with a large print design in the center, dark tracksuit pants, a wine-colored t-shirt, and white runners. Gardaí are concerned for Shane’s welfare.’

The police force reportedly confirmed on Saturday that the search for Shane had been ‘stood down’ after a body had been found.

A spokesman told The Sun: ‘Following the recovery of a body in the Bray area of Wicklow on Friday, January 7, 2022, a Missing Person Appeal in respect of Shane O’Connor, 17 years, has been stood down.’

Representatives of Sinead O’Connor said: ‘Regrettably, we can confirm the passing of Shane O’Connor.

‘We politely ask for respect and appreciation for Sinead, Shane’s father, and Shane’s family at this most difficult time.’

Taking to Twitter after Shane went missing, Sinead wrote: ‘Shane, your life is precious. God didn’t chisel that beautiful smile on your beautiful face for nothing. My world would collapse without you.

‘You are my heart. Please don’t stop it from beating. Please don’t harm yourself. Go to the Gardai and let’s get you to hospital.’

She later took to the social media platform to threaten the hospital where she said her son had been staying with a ‘lawsuit’ if ‘anything happens to my son’.

She wrote: ‘Like, how has a seventeen-year-old traumatized young person WHO WAS ON SUICIDE WATCH in Tallaght Hosptial’s Lynn Ward been able to go missing???

‘Hospital of course so far refusing to take any responsibility. Anything happens to my son on their watch? Lawsuits.

‘I want to know why Lynn Ward at Taillight Hospital who were supposed to have HCA’s supervise my child 24/7 have managed to let him out of their grasp this morning when 7 days ago he made two severe suicide attempts.’ (sic)

Another tweet read: ‘This is a message for my son, Shane. Shane, it’s not funny anymore all this going missing.

Shane (pictured left) was one of Sinead’s four children

‘You are scaring the c**p out of me. Could you please do the right thing and present yourself at a Gardai station. If you are with Shane please call the Gardai for his safety.’

Sinead has been married four times and has four children.

Her eldest son is 34-year-old Jake Reynolds, whose father is John Reynolds. They married in 1987 before splitting in 1991.

Her second child is daughter Roisin, 25, whose father is journalist John Waters.

Sinead had her son Shane with Irish folk musician Donal Lunny and the pair split shortly after Shane’s arrival.

Her youngest child is 15-year-old Yeshua Francis Neil Bonadio, who she shares with American businessman Frank Bonadio. They split in 2017, a year after his birth.