Omicron COVID Variant Is 92% Of New Cases In NY: CDC


The omicron coronavirus variant now accounts for 92 percent of new cases in New York and New Jersey, according to a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The new estimate shows a stunning explosion of omicron cases in the New York City area over just a week ago when the same model found the variant account for 13 percent of cases.

But the estimate reflects the experience of New Yorkers in recent days-long lines for COVID-19 testing and an ever-growing number of daily cases. The city had 15,245 new coronavirus cases in a single day, according to the latest state data, which showed New York state’s infections breaking records for the fifth-straight day.

Gov. Kathy Hochul said Monday the growth of coronavirus cases is “vertical.”

“We had about 6,000 last Sunday to 23,000 this Monday,” she said. “So, that is a very high spike in cases.”

New York City isn’t alone in seeing an omicron surge.

Omicron infections account for 73 percent of new cases nationwide, according to the CDC.

The surge in cases reflects how much more transmissible omicron is compared to even the delta variant, experts say. Omicron is adept at causing so-called “breakthrough” infections among vaccinated people, but experts say vaccinations — and especially boosters — still provide more protection against severe illness.