Naperville City, Illinois Bans High-Powered Assault Rifles And Magazines 8-1


The Naperville City Council passed a ban on selling high-powered rifles and magazines in the city after an hours-long meeting that stretched from Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

After 1 a.m. Wednesday, the Council voted eight to one to ban this kind of weapon.

The ban does not affect the sales of these rifles to law enforcement agencies and officers.

Over 130 people on both sides of the issue attended the meeting to voice their opinions.

“Criminals don’t care about your laws. This ordinance will only hurt law-abiding citizens,” one person said.

“We need to make these weapons as inaccessible as possible, so we support what Naperville is trying to do,” another added.

This vote came in the wake of mass shootings in Highland Park; Uvalde, Texas; and Buffalo, New York.

This ban on the sale of high-powered rifles came just a day after the Highland Park City Council passed a resolution calling for outright banning assault rifles on the state and national levels.

Those found in violation of the ban could face a $1,000 fine the first time and a $2,500 penalty each time following.

Range USA is just one of the businesses that will soon be affected by the decision.