More Lies: Trump Was Not Getting Tested Every Day Before Testing Positive For COVID


President Donald Trump was not being tested for COVID-19 every day before he contracted the virus, despite the White House giving the impression that he was, The New York Times reports.

There were no answers, either, on when Trump last tested negative for the virus — a crucial piece of information that the White House and Dr. Conley have refused to answer and would establish the known state of Trump’s health before the presidential debate last Tuesday or before he attended a fund-raiser in New Jersey on Thursday. The White House first made public that Mr. Trump had tested positive early last Friday.

Two officials maintained that Trump had been tested before the presidential debate, but the White House has yet to affirm that.

White House officials conceded on Tuesday that there had been an impression created that Trump was getting tested every day, and reliance on testing as if it were a curative measure as opposed to a diagnostic.

Yet the president himself was not tested every day, according to two people familiar with the practices. A senior administration official would only say on Tuesday, October 7, 2020, that Trump was tested “regularly.” Trump himself told reporters in the White House briefing room in July that “I do take probably on average a test every two days, three days.”

Trump announced that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus in the early hours of Friday morning on October 2, 2020, and was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital later that day, though he has since returned to the White House. His aides continue to test positive for the virus, with adviser Stephen Miller being the latest after testing positive Tuesday. In all, 14 White House staff members have tested positive.

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