Mark This Day: Nigel Farage Admits He Was Wrong About Russia And Putin


Nigel Farage has said three words we never expected to hear from his mouth: “I was wrong.”

The former Brexit Party leader admitted he had underestimated Putin following the Russian leader invading Ukraine, saying: “Putin has gone much further than I thought he would.”

The Russian president moved troops into Ukraine on Thursday morning and warned other countries not to get involved. He claimed they were “peacekeeping” but the Ukrainian president described it as a “war” and other world leaders including Boris Johnson and Joe Biden have condemned the actions.

While it is nice to see Farage exercising some rare humility on one front as he finally noticed Putin, he then double-downed on his previous assertion that the EU and Nato are to blame for Russia encroaching on Ukraine. (He previously made the claim in a bizarre monologue in GB News earlier this week)

Of course, people criticized Farage for his take and said he should have finished the tweet at “I was wrong”.