Man Left With Penis Attached To His Arm For Six Years


A man who lost his penis due to a severe blood infection has had an artificial member surgically attached to his nether region — six years after it was designed by doctors.

“I feel like a real man again,” Malcolm MacDonald, 47, exclaimed in a new documentary detailing his extraordinary ordeal.

The mechanic — who resides in Norfolk, England — was left mortified back in 2010 when his penis “just dropped off onto the floor” after he suffered an infection in his perineum.

Surgeons subsequently manufactured a new penis for the father of two using a skin flap on his left arm. They planned to move the manmade member down to his pubic area but were forced to stop the operation due to a lack of oxygen in his blood.

MacDonald was left with the artificial phallus poking out of his forearm.

A second surgery to move the manhood between his legs was delayed for six years due to scheduling mix-ups, staff shortages, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

MacDonald eventually became used to having the appendage on his arm.

“People ask me about it when they see me in the pub, and of course people make jokes,” he stated at the time. “But I get it. It’s not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm. Of course, I see the funny side. I have to. I don’t have any other option.”

In the new documentary — “The Man With a Penis on his Arm” — MacDonald recalls helping an elderly lady retrieve an item from the top shelf at a supermarket, only to have the penis pop out from beneath his sleeve and nearly hit her on the head.

“It’s something to tell the grandchildren, isn’t it?” McDonald tells the program, clearly keeping a sense of humor about his situation.

Earlier this year, however, doctors finally performed a successful surgery, moving MacDonald’s manmade penis from the forearm down to his pubic area.

“It was a nine-hour op,” the Brit explains in the documentary. “The first thing I did was look down and I was like, ‘Oh, my days. They got it this time.’ “

Nerves and blood vessels were taken from the arm and stitched together in the pubic area to establish blood supply to the manufactured penis. Urologists worked with plastic surgeons during the process to make sure MacDonald could have a functioning urethra — meaning he will now be able to pass urine normally.

And the clever medics even installed two tubes to allow MacDonald to inflate the penis with a hand pump in order to give himself an erection.

“This could be a turning point in my life,” the divorced dad gushed, thrilled at the prospect that he will finally be able to have sex again.

It turns out that MacDonald’s artificial penis is even better than his real one.

The dad designed his dream penis with the help of surgeons and added an extra two inches to the manmade model — making it six inches in total.

“They were happy to listen to what I wanted it to be like, which was amazing. Not many can say they have a designer penis,” he previously said.

MacDonald hopes that having his manmade manhood in the correct spot will give him a new lease on life.

“My luck in life hasn’t been too good so far, but it can only go bad for so long, can’t it?” he stated. “Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It’s been a nightmare, but it’s gone now.”

MacDonald isn’t the only man to hit headlines for issues related to his manhood in recent months.

Back in March, a New York man almost lost his penis after it turned black and began to rot when he injected cocaine into a vein on his member.

The patient refused to have surgery to cut away at the dying tissue of his penis. But after five days on intravenous antibiotics, the man was given a 10-day course of pills. “His clinical condition improved, but he refused to go for drug rehabilitation treatment and was later lost to follow-up,” a report stated.