Liz Cheney Has Been Ousted From GOP Leadership


Rep. Liz Cheney was just removed from her position as House GOP conference chair.

There was no debate inside the room, according to members in the room.

A GOP member says Cheney lost by voice vote. “No major drama, anticlimactic, compared to last time.”

According to a source in the room, five people had to stand to request a recorded vote to remove Cheney from the leadership position. Apparently, that did not happen, and the gavel came down.

Cheney told colleagues that it was up to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy whether he wanted a voice vote or not, “and Kevin asked for voice,” according to the source.

According to a source in the room, the meeting was extremely brief.

Rep. Liz Cheney addressed the caucus, then Rep. Virginia Foxx offered the motion to have her removed as conference chair. After that, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke briefly and the voice vote was called.

Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa tells CNN, the vote was quick because members were eager to move on past Cheney.

“There were a few people who made their presence known,” Hinson said, referencing members who she said booed Cheney during her remarks.

“We’re ready for a change and I think we accomplished that by approving that resolution today,” she added.