Lady Gaga Offers $500,000 Reward For The Return Of Her Stolen Bulldogs After Dogwalker Is Shot 4 Times


Lady Gaga’s dogs were targeted by thieves, February 24, 2021, Wednesday night who shot her dog walker four times in the chest and stole 2 of her French Bulldog.

Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her dogs, “no questions asked.”

The dog walker was walking had of Gaga’s Bulldogs out in Hollywood around 9:40 p.m. in the 1500 block of N. Sierra Bonita Avenue, Los Angeles police said. One gunman — and possibly more — came upon him. It is unknown what was said, but the dog walker was shot and the gunman made off with 2 of the dogs, named Koji and Gustav. Police said.

There are reports there were only 2 Bulldogs being walked with one taken and one escaped that was later found. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that 3 dogs were being walked and 2 were taken by the gunman. TMZ was told the 3rd dog had run away but was later recovered.

Gaga’s been in Rome working on a new movie, her bodyguard was seen picking up the recovered Bulldog. Sources close to Gaga say she’s extremely upset and is offering a half-a-million dollars to anyone who has her 2 dogs … again, no questions asked. Anyone who has the dogs can use this email — — to retrieve the reward.

Law enforcement does not know if the target was Lady Gaga’s dogs specifically. French Bulldogs are in demand and expensive. It is possible the gunman did not know the dogs were owned by Lady Gaga.

Police have not released the name of the shooting victim, who is a male in his 30s. His condition is currently unknown.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and rushed the man to the hospital. His condition is unknown, but he appeared to be alert and talking to first responders.

While the victim was getting treated on the sidewalk, he was cradling a third dog close to him. Another man is later seen removing the dog from the victim’s arms to comfort it.

Police said the suspect or suspects fled the scene, possibly in a white Nissan vehicle.

The gunman is still on the loose.