Idaho GOP Group Busted In Plot To Infiltrate Democratic Party And Steal Campaign Donations


An Idaho county’s Republican Party was busted for a plot to secretly take over their Democratic counterpart and siphon off donations.

Kootenai County resident John Grimm recorded himself speaking by phone Tuesday to a person he identified as the county’s Republican Central Committee youth chair Dan Bell, who revealed a plan to infiltrate the local Democratic Party, install an “antisemitic troll” as party chair, and then funnel campaign donations to local GOP candidates, reported the Coeur d’Alene Press.

“Long story short,” Bell said during the call, “we want to take over the Democrat Party.”

Grimm, a self-described staunch conservative who ran unsuccessfully for county sheriff in 2020, said he recorded the call because he doesn’t fully trust the central committee, whose members he believes have “gone too far.”

“I know from personal observation that certain members of the KCRCC are masters of deception with an ability to twist the meaning of even their own statements,” he said.