Greek Orthodox Anti-Vaxxer Metropolitan Dies Of Covid-19


A Greek metropolitan who was a staunch anti-vaxxer died on Monday of Covid-19 at an Athens hospital after a month-long bout with the virus. He was 76.

Metropolitan Kosmas of Aetolia and Acarnania, in western Greece, who had refused to become vaccinated against the virus, was admitted to a hospital in Agrinio on December 1 with a Covid-19 infection before being moved to an ICU room at the capital’s Evangelismos Hospital.

His ICU admission sparked controversy among his critics. According to reports — which were eventually dismissed by authorities — he was given an ICU bed in priority over other patients.

Kosmas was a staunch anti-vaxxer and a vociferous critic of government measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, including mask use and vaccination.

During a sermon in 2020, Kosmas lashed out at those who were reluctant to attend a packed church, branding them as “unfaithful.”

“God does not allow you to be infected. God does not infect! It is a holy place, the temple is heavenly,” he said.

Last year, Kosmas was summoned by the Holy Synod to explain himself over what they called his “disobedience and disrespect of the unanimous decision of the collective body of the Church of Greece” regarding the coronavirus health measures during the Easter period.

The cleric’s 75-year-old sister also died of Covid-related complications on December 13. She was also unvaccinated.