Active Shooter Reported At Cincinnati Target Store


Police and other emergency services in Ohio are responding to reports of an active shooter at the Target store in Cincinnati, local officials and witnesses say. At least one person is confirmed to have been shot.

The incident began just before 1 p.m. on Thursday when officers were called for an “active shooter” at the Target store on Geier Drive in the Oakley neighborhood. Several witnesses confirmed hearing gunfire.

The scene remains active as of 1:35 p.m. and a large number of emergency services, including police officers with rifles and multiple ambulances, are at the scene. The status of the suspect is unclear and officers are searching the store.

Police confirmed that at least one person was shot in the store’s parking lot, but his or her condition was not immediately known. Official details about the circumstances of the shooting were also not yet released.

Several witnesses said they saw an argument involving several people around the time of the shooting.

“I was coming up here, I was on my way to Planet Fitness, and when I came up, the guy was running across the street with a gun, and next thing you know, I heard gunshots fired,” one witness told Local 12.

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