‘You Are All Going To Die,’ Las Vegas Man Charged With Threatening Election Worker


A Nevada man is accused of threatening a state election worker in four separate phone calls all made the day after Jan. 6, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Gjergi Juncaj, 50, of Las Vegas, appeared in federal court Thursday on four counts of making a threatening telephone call. The FBI arrested Juncaj on Wednesday.

On Jan. 7, 2021, Juncaj allegedly called the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office four times. In the first call, he was transferred to an employee responsible for overseeing elections.

“I want to thank you for such a great job you all did on stealing the election,” Juncaj is accused of saying to the employee. “I hope you all go to jail for treason. I hope your children get molested. You are all going to [expletive] die.”

Twelve minutes later, investigators said Juncaj called the office saying, saying in part, “You are all going to die.” The person who picked up the phone said she would contact the police.

Three minutes later, Juncaj called again, saying, “You guys really [expletive] this election up” and that election workers “are all going to die,” prosecutors said.

A minute later, Juncaj called a fourth time, saying, “This is what you’re going to [expletive] get from now on. You are all going to [expletive] die and it is what you deserve.”

an. 7, 2021, followed the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection where supporters of former President Donald Trump attempted to stop the certification of Electoral College votes for President Joe Biden.

The investigation is part of the Justice Department’s Election Threats Task Force.

If convicted, Juncaj, who is registered as non-partisan, faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison on each count.

In Nevada in 2020, 10 dead voters had ballots cast in their names and 10 people voted twice, the I-Team learned from a secretary of state report, far below initial claims from state and national Republicans alleging nearly 4,000 individual cases of voter fraud.

Last year, an elections official would not comment on the number of suspected dead or double votes, though they are mentioned in public documents, but said allegations of widespread fraud are false.

The Secretary of State in Nevada, who oversees the election, is a Republican.