Watch: World Central Kitchen Restaurant Destroyed In Kharkiv



A restaurant operated by celebrity chef José Andrés’s non-profit World Central Kitchen (WCK) was destroyed by a missile strike in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Saturday, officials said.

WCK CEO Nate Mook shared a video from the site that highlighted extensive damage around the building that housed the restaurant.

Mook said in a video on Twitter that staff members were wounded, adding that nobody was killed in the restaurant but “we are told that one person was killed in this strike.”

He also said that the missile strike was a “big hit” and showed the shells of burnt cars, debris, and carnage around the neighborhood.

“Just a tremendous amount of carnage left behind for no reason. In this area, there are offices there are residences. People live here. People work here people cook here and it’s absolutely horrific brutality,” Mook said.

He added that this is the reality for so many in Ukraine right now.

“Coming to work, cooking for people that are hungry is an immense act of bravery.”

In another tweet, he added that the restaurant team is moving all food products and non-damaged equipment to another kitchen location in Kharkiv.

“The injured staff are doing well—and all the team here wants to continue cooking,” he said.

Andrés also tweeted after the strike was reported.

“To everyone caring and sending good wishes to the team in Kharkiv, thank you, the injured are fine, and everyone is ready and willing to start cooking in another location,” he said. “All our friends are TRUE heroes! Many ways to fight, we do it with food!”

Andrés also said that “Russian attacks must stop against civilian buildings and markets and churches and schools.”

He told CNN last month that his non-profit organization has provided more than 4 million meals to refugees since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine more almost two months ago.

World Central Kitchen aims to establish feeding systems in disaster and war zones.