Watch: Video Released Of Houston White Cop Killing Black Jalen Randle



Nearly one month after 29-year-old Jalen Randle was shot and killed by officers, the Houston Police Department released bodycam videos from the incident.

The officer who discharged his weapon and shot Randle has been identified as S. Privette. He was sworn in as an officer in December 2014 and is assigned to the Narcotics Division.

According to investigators, on April 27, members of the HPD Narcotics Division Tactical Team were searching for Randle, who was a fugitive wanted on three felony warrants.

Officers said they witnessed Randle get into the passenger side of a silver vehicle, which left the location. When officers tried to stop the vehicle, the driver refused, leading officers on a chase.

Investigators said officers then performed a PIT maneuver, which blocked the vehicle’s path and made the suspects come to a stop.

When Randle exited the vehicle from the passenger side, investigators said Officer Privette discharged his weapon one time, striking the suspect.

Investigators said Randle was in possession of a bag that contained a gun.

In the bodycam video released by HPD, officers can be seen pulling up to the suspect’s vehicle, and one officer can be heard yelling, “Aye, let me see your hands.” While the officer yelled the command, a gunshot could be heard and the suspect was seen falling to the ground. The same officer who yelled the command could also be heard yelling an expletive after the firearm was discharged.

The video shows the officers then running towards the injured suspect, placing him in handcuffs, before dragging him a few feet across the sidewalk. Shortly after, one officer could be heard asking for a medical team.

The bodycam video was released a week after Randle’s family and civil rights attorney Ben Crump conducted an independent autopsy and demanded the videos be released by HPD.

The family said original HPD reports stated that Randle was walking toward officers, but according to witnesses at the scene, he was running away from officers when he was shot.

HPD releases bodycam footage of all deadly officer-involved shootings within 30 days as part of the Mayor’s Task Force on Policing Reform. Houston police Chief Troy Finner agreed with the adherence to the recommendation, saying there cannot be a talk of transparency without action.

At the beginning narration of the video, HPD Assistant Chief T. Hardin said, “It is important to note that we are in the very early stages of the investigation, and we continue to review additional evidence as it is collected and analyzed.”