Watch: Two New Jersey Police Officers Are Under Investigation After Video Shows Black Teen Being Handcuffed In Scuffle With White Teen


A pair of white New Jersey police officers are being investigated for pinning a 14-year-old black boy to the ground, putting a knee on his back, and arresting him after a fight with a white teen – who they allowed to walk away.

Troubling video footage shows the two teens exchanging words on February 13 at the Bridgewater Mall before their argument turned violent.

The white teen is seen shoving the black teen before punches are thrown in the fight recorded by a number of teens at the popular shopping center.

Within seconds, a Bridgewater Police Department officer arrived and pulled the white boy away as her male partner tackled the black teen and held him on the ground.

The white teen, identified as a 15-year-old named Joey, was ushered to a nearby couch, but the black teen was led away in handcuffs.

Before he was lifted from the ground, the female cop placed her knee on his back while he was lying face down on the ground.

‘Yo it’s cuz he’s black,’ said a girl filming the scene. ‘Racially motived.’