Watch: Trump Admits He Allowed Civil Unrest In The US Because He Had A ‘Moral Obligation’ To Make Dems Look Bad


Donald Trump suggested he allowed civil unrest in American cities during the 2020 presidential election while addressing the National Rifle Association in Texas only days after the school shooting massacre in Uvalde.

“The very same Democrat (sic) politicians who stoked riots over a single police-involved killing two years ago are numb to the mounting death toll of their own radical policies,” Trump alleged.

He praised the tough-on-crime approach of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“When they started knocking down statutes in Washington, DC, and other locations, I watched this in amazement. Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington, knocking them down. I signed an executive order which stated that anybody who even lightly defaces a federal monument or statue will get to a minimum of 10 years in prison,” he said.

He then went on to say he would have stopped the unrest earlier, but felt he had a “moral obligation” to make Democrats look bad.

“And immediately upon signing it, everything stopped. Did you ever notice that? It all stopped, there was nothing. Didn’t happen. Amazing, isn’t it. I felt I had a political and moral obligation to allow Democrat [sic] mayors and governors to run their cities when it came to crime and riots and even horrible violence. In my own mind, I was allowing the Democrats to show how they would handle the situation and when it got out of control, I got involved, I got our government energized,” he said.

He vowed a massive crackdown on crime if he becomes president again.