Watch: Alex Jones Sent ‘Nude Photo’ Of His Wife To Roger Stone, Sandy Hook Lawyer Claims


Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones allegedly sent an “intimate photo” of his wife to Donald Trump ally Roger Stone.

Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim in their defamation lawsuit against Mr Jones, caused a stir in court last week when he revealed he was accidentally sent two years’ worth of contents of Mr. Jones’ phone during the discovery process.

Mr. Bankston claimed the trove of messages showed Mr. Jones had lied about the extent to which he had communicated with close associates about Sandy Hook.

Last week, Mr. Jones and his lawyers sought an emergency protection motion to destroy the leaked messages and declare a mistrial.

On Monday, Mr. Bankston claimed Mr. Jones had sent an “intimate photo” of his wife to self-proclaimed political “dirty trickster” Mr. Stone.

“I’m a little concerned about it because that intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone, and I don’t know if that was consensual,” the lawyer told TYT Network.

“And if it wasn’t consensual, Mrs [Erika] Wulff Jones should know about that.”

“And there might be something that needs to be done about that. Then again, it could be totally consensual,” he continued.

“But when I see that and don’t see any indication that it was, I’m concerned something might not be on the up and up with that. There are certain laws in certain states about that.”

Mr. Jones admitted on Saturday that a naked photo of his wife was part of his texts.

“Sorry, I mean, there was a photo I sent my wife of her naked… So, my wife looks pretty good. The point is, there is one naked picture of my wife in there, so that’s what they got! No dick pics, no nothing,” he said.

The far-right conspiracy theorist lost a defamation suit launched by the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting for spouting false claims that the massacre, in which 26 people were shot and killed at the elementary school in Newtown in 2012, wasn’t real.

He has been ordered to pay $45.2m in punitive damages to a victim’s family by a Texas jury, in addition to $4.11m in compensatory damages.

Last week, Mr. Stone accused Mr. Jones’s lawyers of deliberately leaking the contents of this mobile phone during the defamation trial.

In a post on Telegram, the Trump ally highlighted how Mr. Jones’ lawyer Andino Reynal had worked for the Obama-era Department of Justice.

“Now, do you think his release of Jones’ text messages was ‘inadvertent’ or a mistake? If I were Jones, I would sue this guy for the exact same amount that the jury finds against him,” Mr. Stone wrote.