Two Officers At Capitol Building Hit By Vehicle, U.S. Capitol Police Say


Two officers were hit at the barricade at the Constitution Avenue access point to the Capitol, U.S. Capitol Police said Friday, shortly after they sent an alert to staffers warning of an “external security threat.” The incident comes nearly three months after rioters overran the building in a deadly attack on January 6.

U.S. Capitol Police said in a tweet that officers were “responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Avenue for reports someone rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers,” then corrected that to say the incident was at the Constitution Avenue access point.

“A suspect is in custody. Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital,” the tweet said.

“Due to an external security threat located All U.S. Capitol Campus Buildings, no entry or exit is permitted at this time. You may move throughout the building(s) but stay away from exterior windows and doors. If you are outside, seek cover,” the message to staffers in the building said.

Fencing was erected around the Capitol complex in the wake of the January 6 attack, and thousands of National Guard troops sent to Washington. Security fencing around the perimeter of the complex was taken down last week, although a layer of inner fencing around the Capitol building itself remains in place.

The incident comes in the wake of the riot at the Capitol, which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol Police officer. Two Capitol Police officers also died by suicide after the attack, and dozens of officers were injured.

A helicopter landed on the east front of the Capitol shortly after the alert was sent, according to a video posted to Twitter by Jake Sherman, a reporter for Punchbowl News.