Turkish Air Raid Kills At Least One Journalist And At Least Nine Civilians In Syria


Rami Abdulrahman from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on October 13, 2019, that a Turkish air-strike in the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain killed at least nine people, including civilians and foreign journalists.

The strike hit civilians who have gathered in Ras al-Ain from the city of Qamishli to show support to the people of the town who have been targeted by Turkish forces.

Stéphanie Perez, a journalist with France 2 television, was traveling in the convoy, which was hit in the air-strike. She wrote on Twitter, “Our team is safe, but colleagues have died.”

The nationality of the journalist who was killed has not been confirmed.

Since Turkey launched its attack on the Kurds in northern Syria on October 9, 2019, at least 104 Kurdish fighters and 60 civilians have been killed.


Haaretz – Turkish Strike on Convoy Including Civilians and Journalists Kills Nine, Reports Say

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Zlatica Hoke (VOA), Wikipedia – Public Domain