Trump’s Vegas Hotel Resumes Taking Reservations As The Coronavirus Pandemic Continues


The Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas is getting ready to return to business. The property, one of many in the president’s family’s portfolio, is now taking reservations for rooms starting May 16. A receptionist told The Daily Beast that was the earliest date one could book a room and that it could change if state officials issue additional guidance. The decision to reopen comes at a time when Trump properties, much like the hotel industry at large, have seen steep declines in revenue owing to closures related to the spread of the coronavirus. That decline has sparked other hotels and casinos in Las Vegas —including Wynn Las Vegas and Treasure Island—to announce that they will be opening their doors in mid-May too. It’s also compelled the mayor of Las Vegas to go on a media blitz urging that people in her city be allowed to self-police when it comes to public safety guidelines around COVID-19.

Other hotels on the strip, however, appear to be taking a more cautious approach, including MGM, which is not opening until at least June 1.


Raw Story: Trump’s Vegas hotel starts taking reservations again — even as pandemic continues

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