The News Never Gives Alternative Ways Of Thinking About Coronavirus


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I hope these images speak for themselves. But maybe like many you truly don’t grasp the significance of what you are seeing.

Witness as the media sets out the government agendas but never questions it. Witness as one of the major cities in the world begins to enforce a two-tier system (which many other cities will follow) to add to the things that already separate us such as racism, gender, wealth, social status, and culture, now you can add to that list the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

However, in recent times none of the above were allowed to publicly separate people although these separations were always happening no government or mayor could say. If you are black, you can’t go here, use this or experience that. Now, we have something which allows these people not to hide in the shadows with their intent. They can publicly separate and marginalize people using ‘vaccinated and unvaccinated’. ‘Do you see it’ are you watching this play out or are you just a person who feels I’m vaccinated so I don’t care I’m safe and I get everything?

Just as the British government announces that 16-year-olds can take the vaccine without parental knowledge or consent. (They cannot smoke or drink they can barely even legally drive, but yet they can take a vaccine without the consent of the parent). Just another sign the governments of the world are slowly eroding the power, inherent (God-given) right, and influence of the parent. Because now the government is it Boris Johnson or Biden are the parents to your children. They know what’s best for them not you and if not them, then the kids know best but the true parents are not to be heeded. They move lower and lower down the pecking order. I remember the London riots when the kids took to the streets outsmarting the po-po with blackberry phones and well-coordinated attacks how the government was telling parents they should be controlling their kids and keeping them inside loooool. Today they tell the same kids you don’t need your parents to make a potentially life-changing move. You can do it without them. If the riots ever return and the government were to issue this statement again I for one would reply. I have no say on the vaccine and I have no say if they go out and burn down Marks and Spencer. You made your bed now sleep in it!

Witness how the news never gives hope or alternative thinking or ways to handle covid-19 but just one way the government way the WHO way. There are no articles that mention people who are fine without the vaccine, masks, or all this bullshit, just stories that play on your fears, greed, selfishness, and ignorance.

The art of torture is a science. If you continually torture someone without stopping they soon become mentally and physically anesthetized to the pain and so the torture is less effective. So you start and stop and continue this process wearing the person down giving hope and removing it until they are broken or dead. Sound familiar? Look at the way Covid-19 has been handled it’s the same mental torture that is being used. Giving hope and dashing it. From lockdowns to vaccines they keep telling you this will make things better, but then there is another problem or another variant requiring another jab or more isolation etc etc etc. Wearing the people down (with numbers from countries most did not even know existed, much less cared) who at this point would eat shit to go back to having all their toys and perks. It’s so clever it deserves applause. Evil has always been clever though.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this plan started last year or even 10 years ago. It started much longer before that. With the population growth the powers realized they could not control them with force without destroying themselves so how do you control and manipulate billions of people. First, you make them weak. Lower all standards socially, allow everyone no matter how stupid to have a voice and make everyone feel they no longer have to truly work hard to be something. They just need to show up and breathe. You don’t have to be able to sing to be a singer or be learned to be a professor, just be famous people will listen and follow. They made success (or making money) by any means the new benchmark people should aspire to. Then you give everyone credit so they can seemingly have anything for seemingly nothing. You make apps for everything so you no longer really feel you need to study or learn anything. Just find the shortcut, find the app. You stop people from thinking correctly.

As an example. My dog will not eat dog food unless she is starving. Why? Because like an idiot I kept giving her my cooking and now she hates dog food. It’s no longer good enough. She has become spoilt. Sound familiar. People have become so spoilt so used to having everything at their fingertips that if you take that away they will fold and do whatever you tell them to get it back. Very clever and insidious, but it works.

People are not really screaming about not seeing their loved ones that much. They are pissed because they cannot go to a restaurant, the theatre, watch sport, party or travel. These are the carrots that are really telling, these and of course, you will lose your job (MONEY). The job which pays for all your perks. They have most people by their weak, selfish, narcissistic, fearful, spoilt balls and they are constantly squeezing them letting go, and squeezing them again.

One by one like dominions cities will fall into line with New York and the public will watch this happen and do nothing until it’s too late. It’s already started and what are people doing. Watching the covid-19 Olympics, even as athletes are dropping like flies through physical and mental health issues more and more as well as actors and celebs all tasked with holding the hopes and attention of a weak public looking to them for hope, salvation, or just diversion when all they are are just normal human beings who want to ply a trade they love. Even with all this, we do not see what is going on with mankind and how we are being manipulated and fed for a purpose. The moment you relax and think normality will return a new variant or spike will hit the news, story after story will flood the airwaves bringing back the fear and uncertainty that leads to your compliance.

It would take world war three to get people to shift their attention away from the flu (covid) and its variants. This is all people can see and hear right now this is the all-consuming story of the world that they use to control you. A story where they have an ending and only that ending will be permitted.

I no longer expect people to wake up. All of this has shown me that people, in general, would rather stay asleep.

But I remain hopeful that some will arise from their slumber.