The 10 Most Popular Food Orders Of 2020 According To Grubhub


Throughout lockdowns and everything in between, hundreds of thousands of Americans turned to delivery apps like Grubhub to bring them their favorite comfort foods.

As the year comes to a close, the company gathered some data on exactly what people were ordering all year long.

The delivery app noticed some interesting trends, like a 318% increase in the popularity of spicy chicken sandwiches over last year and a whole lot of people getting their go-to coffee order brought to them.

These were the top 10 most popular orders on Grubhub in 2020:

    1. Spicy chicken sandwich (318% more popular than in 2019)
    2. Chicken burrito bowl (299% more popular)
    3. Chicken wings (287% more popular)
    4. Waffle fries (221% more popular)
    5. Cold brew coffee (206% more popular)
    6. Steak quesadilla (164% more popular)
    7. Iced latte (157% more popular)
    8. Fish and chips (146% more popular)
    9. Strawberry shake (131% more popular)
    10. Roast beef sandwich (126% more popular)

According to Grubhub’s findings, the spicy chicken sandwich’s popularity may have been bolstered, or at least heavily supported, by one delivery diner. The anonymous person placed a single order of 135 chicken sandwiches, which one has to have a lot of questions about what the individual was doing.

Some of the data released in Grubhub’s year-end report lines up with the State of the Plate report released in July.

The chicken sandwich, for example, was No. 1 then, too. Lattes also made the list, but it seems people were craving different comforts at that point in the year because the mid-year list included plant-based burgers, vanilla shakes, chili, cinnamon rolls, chimichanga’s, beef burritos, potato tacos, and taro milk tea.

Grubhub reminds those who use their service, regardless of what you order, just remember to tip well and consider ordering directly from the restaurant if that’s what they’re recommending to customers.