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Thailand Approves Medical Marijuana

The global wave of laws condoning marijuana use has now washed into Thailand. Anyone in the country who suffers from certain painful ailments will soon be allowed to seek relief via pot. So says a new decree from the military-run government, which is presenting medical marijuana approval as a New Year’s gift. This is a […]

These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2019

  With the results of last month’s midterm elections marijuana basically won ten states have now legalized cannabis for adults, while 33 allow medical use. Those victories at the ballot box capped a year in which the fight to reform prohibitionist cannabis policies advanced significantly at the state, federal and international levels. The tally of states that […]

Mike Tyson Says He Smoked Weed Before Golata Fight

Mike Tyson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his new marijuana business. Dan asked him when did he start using cannabis.  Tyson stated he smoked right before his 2000 fight with Andrew Golota. He also states that was the only time he smoked before a fight. Tyson stated that he has been smoking marijuana […]

Tommy Chong Talks About Canada’s Weed Legalization

  While some Canadians who use marijuana or work in the cannabis industry have been given a hard time at the U.S.-Canada border lately, the famed Edmonton-born stoner who lives in Los Angeles isn’t worried. Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong Fame tells ctvnews “I’ve got the Cheech and Chong pass,” the beloved comedy star […]