Sobel Promotions Presents The Coronavirus Series Featuring Jayadev John Richardson


Coronavirus has changed the music business due to lockdowns and social distancing. Global News Ink will be interviewing artists from the award-winning dance music promotions company Sobel Promotions ( to learn how the music business is being altered by the global pandemic.

Jayadev John Richardson from The Rubettes ft. John, Mick, & Steve and Jayadev’s Mantra Crew gives his thoughts.

What was the last thing you did musically prior to Coronavirus lockdown?

I was working on a big concert for Mother Earth which was to take place in the famous Han caves in Belgium. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel as were the dates that the Rubettes ft. John, Mick & Steve had in the UK and Continent.

What do you see has happened to the music business since social distancing and lockdown?

The music business has been forced like almost every other business to retreat and reflect. Hopefully, we will come up with innovative ways to reach out and be reached..with the Internet there is always some clever dude or dudess that will find some unique ways of rearranging live work. Unfortunately, I am a follower rather than a leader in this regard.

What are you doing musically now?

Because I am in a fortunate position of living fairly simply I don’t have to make big bucks to survive so I’m focusing more on composing music and writing lyrics for how I think we should position ourselves post CV…With an emphasis on compassionate and sustainable lifestyles…In general to endeavor to think high and live simple rather than live high and think simple.

We were told things will never go back to the way they were prior to Coronavirus until we discover a vaccine. If social distancing remains, what do you think the future of the music business would look like?

If social distancing remains music is the one process that can keep us close and connected and folk will value what it musicians do and are and hopefully will one day be elevated to the status of bards, visionaries and soothsayers…perhaps I’m dreaming but we need leaders who are spiritually inclined and see the world and its ills as something that the message conveyed in the right kind of sound vibration can heal and harmonize…I think this drama we are now ensconced in will give rise to new music forms with a prophylactic essence to it. Also, my field of Mantra will come more to the forefront as folk realizes they can actually derive more from it than the sex drug and rock n roll dynasties than prevailed for the past decades.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and artists on how to remain relevant and keep their names out there during lockdown?

Sorry to say but that’s about it for me..not tech-savvy enough to know how to assist the music industry other than encouraging us all to collaborate wherever possible and have an underlying ethos of upliftment and elevation of ours and our listener’s consciousness.

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  1. Jayadev, John, has raised some interesting points, especially when asked about social distancing and what the future may hold for music. His comments on mantra increasing in importance is especially interesting. Part of musics attraction is live interaction and your opportunity to participate. If we are forced to interact via internet or create alone, mantra is the perfect way to connect very quickly and intimately to an inner feeling, a response to what we are doing and thus a satisfaction. Mantra, a new style of music we may be soon all be experiencing. There are indigenous people who dance in huge spiritual formations chanting mantras but at distance so who knows what the fields of Hertfordshire hold.
    Jaydev is however characteristically modest because when asked about the current state of social distancing, he described himself as a follower and not a leader and i must very humbly and politely disagree. When The Mother Earth concert was cancelled, unlike many the grand star who would not have cared at all, he created “The concert that never was” a series of concerts in consolation that he posted out daily online to keep fans happy and I imagine, feeling cared for. So a concert scheduled for a night was suddenly seen by so many and for so much longer than planned. Yes, there may have been elements of jest but there was also heartfelt pieces Jayadev shared.
    Jayadev has been in this business for a long time and come up with some truly innovative musical projects so I am not sure social distancing will be a barrier to him. In fact as so many already know, give the man a stumbling block and he uses it as a stepping stone. Watch this space…Jayadev will be among the first to deliver us something new musically.


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