Sobel Promotions Presents The Coronavirus Series Featuring DJ Peter Bedard


Coronavirus has changed the music business due to lockdowns and social distancing. Global News Ink will be interviewing artists from the award-winning dance music promotions company Sobel Promotions ( to learn how the music business is being altered by the global pandemic.

DJ Peter Bedard, a Canadian DJ who has multiple radio shows and DJ’s events give his thoughts.

What was the last thing you did musically prior to Coronavirus lockdown?

I was DJing in Clubs, for Weddings and Special Events. Also, I recorded my weekly radio show which is syndicated on multiple radio stations.

What do you see has happened to the music business since social distancing and lockdown?

It has had a major impact on my career, as now there are no bookings and no gigs. This means no income.

What are you doing musically now?

Mixing is my passion so that will never change pandemic or not. I luckily can mix from my home my radio shows. I still try to get music out there many people have told me that it gets them through the hard times and is comforting.

We were told things will never go back to the way they were prior to Coronavirus until we discover a vaccine. If social distancing remains, what do you think the future of the music business would look like?

It is going to hurt the music industry a great deal, in the actual physical lives but everything will be virtual and online in the future. It will be a different way to get the music out there. Luckily too, radio stations still exist, and internet stations will always be there.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and artists on how to remain relevant and keep their names out there during lockdown?

Keep promoting yourself, and stay in touch with your fans. This can’t last forever and you do not want people to forget who you are.

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