Sobel Promotions Presents The Coronavirus Series Featuring Andy Kyriacou (Modern Romance)


Coronavirus has changed the music business due to lockdowns and social distancing. Global News Ink will be interviewing artists from the award-winning dance music promotions company Sobel Promotions ( to learn how the music business is being altered by the global pandemic.

Andy Kyriacou, lead singer of the legendary 80s band Modern Romance, gives his thoughts.

What was the last thing you did musically prior to Coronavirus lockdown?

The last thing I did musically, ie a proper live gig, was in July 2019, after which I went to Cyprus for a long holiday expected to come back and do some more live work. Unfortunately, I had an accident that prevented me from taking on any live work. I did have our first shows is booked for May this year, But obviously that has gone down the pan. Much as I am disappointed and an artistic side, and also on the financial side, I fully agree with the lockdown because lives, unlike our finances, cannot be rebuilt.

What are you doing musically now?

Right now I am doing a little songwriting in between some DIY and doing stuff with both my kids, who are working/studying from home. Due to the fact that we get on so well, we are having a great laugh and managing to structure our days to get the most out of them, with regards to work and fun.

We were told things will never go back to the way they were prior to
Coronavirus until we discover a vaccine. If social distancing remains, what do you think the future of the music business would look like?

Should social remain with us for the long term, it will decimate the music industry, as such a large proportion of income is derived from live shows. It will affect not only us musicians, but also venues and their staff, PA hire and tracking companies, sound engineers, road crew, management companies, and their staff, the list just goes on. We have to remember that any industry which relies on the participation of the public, i.e. attendance, will suffer, for example, the sporting industry, the theatre, the circus industry, zoo’s and I’m sure many others who I have not listed.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and artists on how to remain relevant and keep their names out there during lockdown?

As for advice as you how to stay relevant, other than the internet or mainstream radio, I don’t know what to suggest. Television is obviously a fantastic area for this, but with a limited number of shows which do feature live acts or interviews, this is a relatively narrow avenue for exploitation.

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