Rudy Giuliani Found Guilty Of Violating Ethics Rules With 2020 Election Fraud Claims By Attorney Disciplinary Committee


False election fraud claims that Rudy Giuliani made when he was representing former President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2020 should make the former New York mayor liable for professional sanctions, an attorney disciplinary committee said Thursday.

The decision by the hearing committee for the DC Bar’s Board on Professional Responsibility is non-binding. After another round of hearings in front of the committee, the proceedings then move to the board and eventually to DC’s local court of appeals, the final arbiter on whether Giuliani should be sanctioned.

But the committee’s decision represents a significant step forward in efforts to hold Trump attorneys accountable for their willingness to use the courts to promote his unsubstantiated voter fraud narrative.

Robert Bernius, the chair of the hearing committee, said the DC Bar’s disciplinary counsel who brought the ethics charges, Hamilton Fox, had proven at least one of the charges with “clear and convincing evidence.”

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