Round Goldfish Bowls May Be Banned In Belgium Due To Causing Fish ‘Stress’


Goldfish bowls could be banned in Belgium because of the ‘stress’ they cause to fish.

Round tanks often have a smaller water surface area than square or rectangular ones, which affects the amount of oxygen absorbed into the water.

A small surface area risks the ‘health and wellbeing of the fish’, according to Belgian government documents.

The proposed ban, which would apply only to the Brussels-Capital region, would prohibit the sale of round bowls but not the use of them.

There is no corresponding law in Britain – but the RSPCA has also warned against fish tanks that have a small water surface area.

Clerfayt added: ‘We are not going to start controlling the size of the aquarium in each household. Prohibiting the sale of bowls would be much more effective.’

Fireworks and electric dog collars will also be added to the list of items deemed harmful to pets under the proposed ‘Brussels Code of Animal Welfare’.

Belgium already has some of the world’s strictest laws against animal cruelty.

The worst cases of animal cruelty are punishable with prison sentences of up to 15 years and fines of up to €10million in the French-speaking south.

In the Dutch-speaking north, MPs brought an end to the ritual slaughter of animals by religious groups, arguing that the animals must be stunned first.