Rep. Chip Roy Objects To Seating Of Fellow Republicans In States Trump Falsely Claims To Have Won


Republican Rep. Chip Roy objected this evening to the seating of the House delegations from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the six states Trump allies falsely contend Donald Trump “won” despite certified results showing the exact opposite. The move was largely symbolic, but Roy issued a statement chastising those Republicans for promoting Trump’s claims of “rigged” elections while accepting the results of those same elections in their own races.

“After all, those representatives were elected through the very same systems—with the same ballot procedures, with the same signature validations, with the same broadly applied decisions of the executive and judicial branch officials—as were the electors chosen for the President of the United States under the laws of those states.”

Those Republicans did not, however, agree that their fraudulent anti-democratic claims of invisible and unprovable election fraud tarnished their own races. By a 371-2 vote, the House moved to swear in all duly elected members.

While Roy may have intended to put his fascism-enabling colleagues on the spot with the vote, it has already been demonstrated time and time again that his party will engage in whatever propaganda efforts are necessary, and cross whatever lines need to be crossed, to retain and expand power. Trump’s claims of election fraud are a hoax; neither he nor the entirety of the Republican Party has succeeded in identifying any such fraud in any courtroom.

Roy is one of seven House Republicans who have challenged his colleagues’ attempts to overturn the presidential election as “unconstitutional.”

If Roy truly intends to object to a fascist push by his party that has this nation’s past military leaders unanimously condemning such plots as “dangerous” and unlawful,” he can resign from his party and refuse to be part of it. As of this moment, he has not done so.