Quinnipiac University Poll Shows Pete Buttigieg Would Beat Trump In Presidential Election



The first openly gay Democratic Presidential Candidate South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign bid continues to gain traction.

The Quinnipiac University Poll shows Mayor Pete would win the general election by 9 points.

If the 2020 election for president were held today, 54 percent of registered voters reported they would vote for Vice President Joe Biden, and 38 percent would vote for Trump.

Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont would top Trump 53-38 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusettes would be Trump 52-40 percent.

Sen. Kamala Harris from California would top Trump 51-40 percent.

Mayor Pete would beat Trump 49-40 percent.

The Democratic nomination race for president in 2020 shows little change since the last Quinnipiac University Poll in early August.

Biden is ahead by 32 percent of voters who are Democrats and independent voters who tend to vote Democratic.

Warren follows by 19 percent, Sanders 15 percent, Harris 7 percent, and Buttigieg 5 percent.

Written by Barbara Sobel


LGBTQ Nation: New polling shows out candidate Pete Buttigieg would beat Donald Trump in presidential election

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