Puck News Is The First News Organization To Quit Twitter After Musk Banned Journalists


Puck News stopped advertising on Twitter on December 16, 2022, becoming the first news organization to do so after several journalists’ accounts were suspended overnight.

“NEW: @PuckNews has paused advertising on Twitter, co-founder @jonkelly2 tells me, marking the first news organization (that I know of) that has suspended advertising on the platform since Musk Have banned several high-profile journalists from the site,” CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy Tweeted.

Twitter owner Elon Musk Thursday, December 15, 2022, has been criticized for suspending journalists, including:

  • Independent Journalist Aaron Roper
  • Washington Post Journalist Drew Harwell
  • New York Times Journalist Ryan Mack
  • CNN Journalist Donnie O’Sullivan
  • VOA News Correspondant Steve Herman
  • MSNBC Anchor Keith Olbermann
  • Intercept Journalist Michah Lee
  • Mashable Journalist Matt Binder
  • Business Insider Reporter Linette Lopez

Musk’s justification for the suspension was sharing information related to the earlier week’s ban of the @ElonJet account, which posted real-time location information on Musk’s flight plans.

Following the publication of his accurate reporting about Musk, Harwell was removed from Twitter without warning, process, or explanation. Post executive editor Sally Buzzby in a statement. “Our journalist should be reinstated immediately.”

“Tonight’s suspension of the Twitter accounts of several prominent journalists, including Ryan Mack of The New York Times, is suspicious and unfortunate,” Times Spokesman Charlie Stadtlander Told his own publication. “Neither the Times nor Ryan has received an explanation as to why this happened. We look forward to restoring the accounts of all reporters and that Twitter will provide a satisfactory explanation for this action.”