It may to us in the West seem like such a simple thing. Shoes for our children to go to school. However in many parts of the world something we take for granted, Shoes, are in rare supply and many children amble to school bare footed or with extremely worn out footwear.

When you think of the Billions donated by the UK and other Western countries of which the UK is probably the highest giver, you wonder where all the money is going? It will always remain the case that giving starts at home and local rather than National or International giving is the way forward.

Former England boss Graham Taylor dies aged 72

We will remember him as the great manager of Watford football club. The man who unleashed perhaps the greatest black player this country has ever produced if not one of the greatest players of any race John Barnes.

President Obama delivers his farewell speech.

We have been spoilt having Obama as President for the last 8 years. We may not realise it now but soon enough we shall. For people of colour especially this was a watershed something we many of us thought we would never really see in our life time. It was one of those things that only the movies made tangible with films. However Obama made it a reality and he has proved to be perhaps one of the most dignified Presidents of all time.

Awards season is upon us and the Golden Globes got the ball rolling. The Hollywood foreign press sparked several interesting story-lines that we will be talking about all the way to Oscar night. It was a fun night will a few surprises and a few disappointments. Here are a handful of random thoughts:

Scandisk have created new memory cards for your android phone

As mobile phones get faster and better cameras, so does the storage you need to take advantage of that increase. Imagine what 256 Gig of storage on your mobile phone would be like? Well it’s coming with the new Scandisk MicroSD card made especially for mobile devices.

The new Nokia 6 sees the return of the iconic Nokia brand to the market.

At long last, Nokia is answering its longtime fans’ prayers with the launch of its first Android smartphone – but it probably won’t match up to the excitement of hardcore Nokia fans.

Suicide Squad makes Global News Ink 5 worst movies of 2016 list

It seems that poor Will Smith would have been doomed to make our top 5 worst movie list even if he had opted for Independence day: resurgence instead of Suicide Squad as both make our top 5 worst list.