Package Delivered To Northeastern University Detonated As It Was Opened, School Officials Say


School officials confirmed that one person was taken to the hospital Tuesday evening after a package delivered to a building at Northeastern University exploded when it was opened.

Northeastern University said the package was delivered to Holmes Hall on Leon Street around 7 p.m. and detonated when a staff member opened it. That person suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

The Boston Bomb Squad, Boston police, Boston fire, and Boston EMS have all responded, and the building has been evacuated.

Jacob Isaacs said he was in class in the building, Holmes Hall, when they were evacuated.

“We were in class, and then we saw two policemen walk through the building, and then as soon as we look out the window, we see a fire truck with the lights on blazing, and then our teacher is like, “I gotta see what’s going on,’ and he sees that the fire truck is going and there’s a police car outside, and as that happened, instantly the fire alarm starts going off,” he said.

Isaacs added that they did not hear anything that sounded like an explosion before they saw first responders arrive.

The scene remains active, and people are warned to avoid the area.