No, The Former Cable TV Actress Meghan Markle Is Not Going To Be President Of The United States


A rumor has been floating around that the former cable tv actress Meghan Markle was considering running for President of the United States.

No, she has never actually said it. Just another story that has been floating to keep her name in the news, and people run with it (which should make her and her PR people very happy.)

First, I would like to say this. I greatly respect Tom Bower.

Mr. Bower was quoted as saying in an article that ran in Newsweek Magazine on 3/31/21:

“The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I’d even say likely,” Bower told Closer magazine, according to the Daily Mail. “I really believe it’s where she sees herself going.”

It should be noted, Mr. Bower is not the only one who has been mentioning this.

With due respect, this is laughable.

While it is true, in America anybody who meets the qualifications can run for President.  Those qualifications are:

  1. The President must be at least 35 years of age
  2. Be a natural-born citizen
  3. Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

So yes. Technically, she can run for President, and Mr. Bower is correct in that respect.  That is IF she gives up her title.  That should not be difficult for her to do. After all, she said that titles mean nothing to her.

Wait. Then why does she use the title wherever she goes in big bold letters?  Why was a title so important for her male child? Must be the ‘opportunistic dementia.’ She forgot title’s meant nothing along with her wanting to be ‘private’ and like ‘normal people.’

Since Meghan seems to have difficulty giving up the title that she said she didn’t care if she had, she cannot consider running for President, so the whole issue is a moot point.

In reality, if she gave up the title, she still would not run for President. Here are the reasons why (and I didn’t have to ask sources. It’s common sense.)

First, in America, we have something called Opposition Research.

What is Opposition Research you ask? Well, I will be glad to tell you!

Opposition research is the practice of collecting information on a political opponent or other adversaries that can be used to discredit or otherwise weaken them.

The information can include biographical, legal, criminal, medical, educational, or financial history or activities, as well as prior media coverage, or the voting record of a politician.

Opposition research can also entail using “trackers” to follow an individual and record their activities or political speeches.

In advanced democracies, especially in Europe, some of the practices of “opposition research” would often be regarded as unethical or illegal and could be construed as stalking and harassment, especially the collection of information about family members or medical or other private information.

It is alleged that Meghan Markle never had a miscarriage, has either used a surrogate and/or her children don’t exist, wore moon bumps, used other people’s children as her own, has a history as a yacht girl, was in porn, has a history of drugs abuse, stole, has an arrest history… the list goes on and on. Investigators will have a field day.

Haz is also fair game.

We already know that he cheated in school, flunked classes, required a drug intervention, was condemned multiple times (including by the Prime Minister) for racism, has a mental illness, lied, allegedly is bisexual (which is perfectly fine, and if he came out he could be a role model), has ‘interesting’ sexual practices, received special treatment in Afghanistan…. the list goes on and on.

I am sure Samantha and Meghan’s father will be thrilled to be investigated. What will Doria think? We know she doesn’t have a ‘steller’ history.

I’m old enough to remember Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, had her diary stolen by Project Veritas.

It is my opinion that Meghan will not want the world to know her past (that the Royals tried so desperately to hide from the public).

Another second reason why I believe she will not run is that Harry will not want his dirty laundry spilled all over the front page of the papers and be the lead in all major news shows around the world.

Divorce would solve that problem for Haz. Moving on.

Another question I ask.

Where will she get the millions of dollars necessary to run a campaign… just to get the nomination? Who will sponsor her? What Super PAC will choose to support her? (Super PACs are independent expenditure-only political committees that may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions, and other political action committees for the purpose of financing independent expenditures and other independent political activity.)

I remember Haz claimed that despite the fact that he is an adult, married with a child who is a multi-millionaire residing in a multi-million dollar mansion, he was like the hundreds of homeless people in California outside his door.

Haz was upset that his daddy cut him off. Even though it was proven to be a lie.

Must be nice to be a married millionaire with a child who still gets an allowance.

I don’t think Meghan has Mike Bloomberg money and can pay for her campaign and staff by herself.

The realistic answer is there is no way she will be able to raise the amount of money necessary.

Let’s also assume that she will run as a Democrat.

I can imagine the field day opposition research will have with Meghan’s history.  Then there is the book Mr. Bower is going to publish which may have some interesting tidbits in it.

When everything comes out, there goes any chance of running as a Democrat.  Again, if she wants to switch parties (the way Donald Trump did in order to run), it won’t matter, and her alleged yacht girl history would be a plus.

Meghan’s ‘opportunistic dementia’ could also cause her problems with running.

If one can remember entering her car from her trunk when she was younger and can’t remember a recent collaboration on a book about one’s life …Houston we have a problem.

Maybe we should ask Meghan to remember ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera’?

I know what you are thinking… ‘But she went to New York and all the politicians were nice to her’.


Meghan can have photo ops with the entire Congress and Jill Biden. She can serve on committees (although I don’t know how she will find the time with her multiple jobs and two children.)

Nothing has anything to do with running a campaign. Those politicians can’t bring in the millions of dollars worth of donations from the sugars. It was proven with the charity donations.

The sugars and supporters are going to have to want to donate to her campaign.

Meghan is lucky, she opened a charity in 2020! She has the opportunity to show how the charity is thriving! Archewell is doing wonderful things and is raising millions of dollars to give to those in need.  Right?

Wrong! Archewell made less than $50,000 in a year. This shows:

  1. She hired the wrong people to run the charity (but then again she hired in 2021 Rebecca Sananes as Head of Archewell Audio to provide Spotify content and Nishika Kumble as senior vice president of scripted TV for Archewell to provide Netflix content. Odd that both Spotify and Netflix had to hire a team) I digress.
  2. Her name has no drawing power
  3. She has a small fan base, sorry sugars.
  4. Very few care about what she is doing (by the way. What exactly is the charity doing?)
  5. Her ‘celebrity’ friends don’t care enough to donate (I’m old enough to remember the disaster 40×40 project.) Heck. They didn’t even donate for the tax write-off.
  6. She received no major donations at the start of the charity, which is typical when a ‘person with a name’ starts a charity. Where is the huge donation from Proctor and Gamble who they collaborated in 2021 with?

I do wonder how the staff is getting paid along with office space, electricity, telephone, and all the other necessities one must pay for to run a business.

People voted for Donald Trump because they thought he was a good businessman (which has been proven false, not to mention his 6 bankruptcies.)

Meghan has not even given the illusion of being a good business person (Oat Milk Latte (endorsed by Oprah), Ethic, and 40×40 (as previously mentioned).

I’m probably missing a few jobs and I apologize. I mean no disrespect to those companies.

BetterUp and Travalyst I think Harry did alone. Between all their jobs and court cases, I just can’t keep track of all of their jobs.

When Meghan’s past comes to the forefront after the good ol’ opposition research, I can almost guarantee that will be another reason Democrats will never support a person

The question needs to be posed again.

Where will Rachel Meghan Markle obtain the necessary finances to run a campaign (not to mention pay a staff.)

There are many other reasons why she won’t run.  However, the point is moot because she will never be the nominee.

My opinion is Meghan Markle will not run for President. It is another story put out by PR people to make her seem more important than she actually is as demonstrated by all the reasons I printed above.

Personally, I would love for her to run. I would love to see what comes out from the Opposition Research.

I do hope reporters would actually research prior to running with propaganda stories.

The public deserves the truth from the media. The public deserves the reporters who release a story actually put in the work and verify if what they are reporting is actually instead of relying on ‘sources.’

I remember the world reporting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are presenting the Oscar for ‘Best Picture!’ The Academy wanted them to present an Oscar two years ago and it wasn’t meant to be!!!

I also remember writing an opinion piece stating why this story was nonsense,  providing reasonable reasons why it would never happen.

I was attacked by sugars. How could I possibly say such a thing!

On Oscar night, people all over Twitter were holding their collective breath waiting to see if the former working Royals would be there!

When they didn’t walk the red carpet and speculated that they would make a grand entrance!

When did you ever know Meghan Markle to miss a red carpet event?  She loves walking the red carpet, dressed inappropriately, followed by a Netflix crew.

When Lady Gaga (on her birthday), and the Legendary Liza Minelli presented, the story was dropped like a hot potato.  People tried to brush it under the carpet.

If it was me, and I truly believed they would show and didn’t, I would research why and do a follow-up.

Odd. Maybe somebody wanted the story dropped because it didn’t get the positive press one was expecting?  Instead, it received negative press.  People were extremely angry that Haz could attend the Oscars instead of his beloved grandfather’s memorial.

Once opposition research gets its hands-on some juicy information… there will be no forgetting.