New York Leads Every Country In Coronavirus Cases


New York state is now the coronavirus capital of the world, logging more COVID-19 cases than any other country across the globe outside of the US.

As of April 9, 2020, the Big Apple had recorded a total of 159,937 confirmed coronavirus cases — a jump of more than 10,000 new cases from the day before.

There’s been 7,067 deaths as a result of the contagion in the state so far, with a record 799 deaths overnight.

The state has now surpassed the coronavirus cases in every other country worldwide.

It’s followed by Spain and Italy, which have 152,446 and 139,422 COVID-19 cases, respectively, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

Germany has 113,615 cases, followed by France with 83,080, China at 82,883, and Iran with 66,220 cases, the data shows.

The UK has now logged a total of 61,497 coronavirus cases, while Turkey has recorded 38,226 cases, according to the data.

Overall, the US has confirmed a total of 432,596 COVID-19 cases with 14,831 deaths caused by the disease as of Thursday.

In New York City alone, official statistics released Thursday morning, showed that 4,426 people have died from coronavirus, while the number of confirmed cases has grown to 84,373.

“No one ever heard of this disease six months ago — it didn’t even exist yet and yet it’s visited upon us in a way that’s the worst in our nation,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during his City Hall press briefing Thursday.

The mayor added, “We have to fight back this virus and we have the power to do it in many, many ways.”

“If we do it the way we’re capable of as New Yorkers — the toughest strongest, most resilient people in this nation – we actually can push this virus back,” he said. “We actually can overcome this phase we’re in.”

Earlier this week, the number of coronavirus deaths and infections in New York eclipsed those in each of China, Iran, and Germany.

Total coronavirus fatalities are now at 3,339 in China, 4,110 in Iran and 2,349 in Germany, the latest data shows.

The country with the most fatalities so far from coronavirus is Italy with 17,669 deaths, followed by Spain with 15,238, according to the data.


New York Post: New York now leads every country in coronavirus cases

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